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Welcome to Cane-Corso



Two of our dogs, Capo and Nera, were mated on the 14 Dec 2010. Breeding dogs is a passion for me. If you would like the opportunity to own one of these magnificent dogs and advice on whether this breed is right for you then call Nino after 8pm Mon to Fri on 07956 589059. No dreamers please, only serious people need apply.

We have recently built a natural whelping area so that the pups can be born in a place similar to where nature intended, creating a cave-like environment. I believe that the first few days of life for the pups while gravitating to their mother’s teats on natural earth will allow them to grow without future skeletal problems. 

Diet is an essential part of the well-being of any dog and the right diet starts at the infancy of a dog’s life – the correct diet will allow a dog to grow at their own pace naturally. We feed all our dogs on the BARF diet and I believe that this has made a big difference to their health.

I also believe that the pup’s temperament needs to be matched with the right family.

Click to see Capo and Nera protecting their home in this short movie clip.

Capo II

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